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Re: segnosaurs not therizinoid??

Hi all,

The article you guys are referring to is a couple of years old. I was actually an undergraduate trying to finish up some stuff when I wrote it. I'm not very happy with many aspects of it and not longer hold most of those views. I do plan to do some therizinosauroid work in the future and have gotten some preliminary data. It's too bad that _Nanshiungosaurus_ is starting to fall apart and I've not gotten to see it yet... I fear that the time to act on some of this stuff is at hand and rapidly passing.

Though I'm still not convinced that all current therizinosauroids form a clade, I'm convinced at this point that they're all coelurosaurs. I look for more stuff to come out of the woodwork as the various East Asian expeditions continue.

More on this later,

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