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Re: dromaeosaurid intelligence (HUMOR)

Now there's something with real potential -- Terry Gilliam with a
budget for megabucks of special-effect dinosaurs. Now _that_ would be
worth watching

Lines from said movie:


"Look!!  There's one...two..five _Velociraptors_!"
"Three, sir!"

"When doom was certain, the computer animator suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack, and the _Spinosaurus_ disappeared."

"...you must chop down the tallest _Lepidodendron_ in the forest...WITH...AN _ENCHODUS_!!!"

"What do you mean? A European basal avialean or a southeast Asian basal avialean?

"Eeeew...it's got teeth like...LOOK AT THE BONES!!!!"

"You must answer me these questions three, 'ere the othere side ye see! WHAT...is the proper stem taxon name between the nodes of Maniraptora and Aves?"

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