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In a message dated 5/22/01 4:46:08 PM, twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com writes:

<< I can't recall the stratigraphical details, but _Protungulatum donnae_ is 
earliest Paleocene.  The material comes from the Bug Creek Anthills of 

Some workers have followed Van Valen in regarding _Protungulatum_ as an 
arctocyonid, at least provisionally (e.g. Lillegraven, 1998).  Another 
approach is to regard this genus as an ungulate (or ungulatomorph) incertae 
sedis (e.g. McKenna and Bell, 1997; Archibald, 1998). >>

Okay, but I've read both Lillegraven and Van Valen's stuff, and there's 
definitely latest Cretaceous dating here. 

eric l.