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Re: WWII (not only) Dinosaur Losses

At 16.19 22/05/01 -0400, you wrote:

Second, much of the destruction can be blamed by the principal refusal of
the museum director (a convinced nazi) to have the collection transported
to safer locations. Small items were smuggled out and rescued by museum
collaborators, but the big pieces could obviously not be carried out in a

Sorry if it is just a little off topic,
        but this posting reminds to me the case of Milano Natural History Museum
in which the director (not a convinced nazi, but too much an optimist)
refused to transport material and simply transferred the palaeontological
collection (Middle-Late Triassic vertebrate collections, large Tertiary
mammals etc.) on the top floor of the building, then the staff painted a
big red cross  on the roof. Strangely, a fire-bomb  did not see it and most
of the paleontological collection turned into ash, apart for material that
was on loan...  . Hyronically, most fishes from our Middle Triassic who
escaped destruction were  those acquired by British Museum in London ...

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