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Walking with Prehistoric Beast preview, sort of...

Hi, all,

I was checking on Amazon.com, and found that several kid's picture books
associated with the forthcoming BBC & Discovery series "Walking with
Prehistoric Beasts" (the Cenozoic equivalent to "Walking with Dinosaurs")
are adverstised.  None are for sale yet, but there are photos of  some of
the mammals on the covers.  These apparently include a big entelodont
(_Dinohyus_?), _Paraceratherium_/_Baluchitherium_, a titanothere, a
calichothere and a big contemporary creodont or robust carnivoran, and
something I can't place (maybe some big Paleocene clunker?).  _Basilosaurus_
is also featured in text descriptions, but not seen on the cover.

Looking forward to this series.

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