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Re: dromaeosaurid intelligence

--- Luis Rey <luisrey@ndirect.co.uk> wrote:
> A turkey can't be dumb... it is just what it
> is...doesn't have a choice!
> So let's not accuse it of being dumb when it tries
> to mate with a wooden
> stick with a dummy head or drowns if it rains.

It's my understanding that domesticated turkeys are
bred for meat rather than intelligence; wild turkeys
do not do any of the above.

> In the meantime... if is has the brain of a chicken
> or a crocodile... we
> may safely expect that it is completely ridiculous
> to think that the
> animal would behave like a chimpanzee.

Of course.  But I think the whole point is that a
Velociraptor has neither the brain of a (domesticated)
chicken nor a crocodile, and certaintly can't be
expected to possess behavior similar to either,
especially when neither a chicken or a croc or a
turkey is likely to have that much in common with a
Velociraptor when it comes to lifestyle.

Even drawing inferences from carnivorous species of
birds is suspect, since the lifestyle of getting food
on the wing is still rather different than getting it
on the ground, from a tree, by stalking, or dashing
like mad across an open prarie-analogue.

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