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Re: Theropod Diet and Niches

David Marjanovic writes:
> > <Also, a question regarding HP Holtz's division of theropodan
> > hypercarnivores into three categories based on hunting style
> > (grapple-and-slash, grapple-and-bite, pursuit-and-bite). Into
> > which of these three categories (if any) do the following
> > theropods fit?
> >  Compsognathidae
> >  _Coelurus_
> >  Troodontidae
> >  _Archaeopteryx_
> >  _Rahonavis_
> >  _Microraptor_>
> I don't know these categories.

They can be read about at http://www.dinosauria.com/jdp/trex/hunting.htm, an
article written by Holtz himself.  The information probably appeared in a
more scholarly publication as well, but I don't know where.  Doubtless HP
Holtz will know the answer.

> Anyway, the listed groups seem to have fed on
> prey much smaller than themselves, so probably they don't fall into these
> categories.

True.  I just realized, upon re-reading the article, that the categories
were meant to apply to LARGE terrestrial hypercarnivores, so that rules out
most of those dinosaurs.

However, _Coelurus_ and troodontids were a fair size.  Also, modern volant
predatory birds are included in the "grapple-and-bite" category, so perhaps
_Archaeopteryx_ and _Rahonavis_ cannot be ruled out, being volant themselves
and not too different in size from modern birds of prey.

Anyone know?  Tom?

Peace on earth--