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Re: Walking with Prehistoric Beast preview, sort of...

On Wed, 23 May 2001 11:04:07  
Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
>Hi, all,
>I was checking on Amazon.com, and found that several kid's picture books
>associated with the forthcoming BBC & Discovery series "Walking with
>Prehistoric Beasts" (the Cenozoic equivalent to "Walking with Dinosaurs")
>are adverstised.  None are for sale yet, but there are photos of  some of
>the mammals on the covers.  These apparently include a big entelodont
>(_Dinohyus_?), _Paraceratherium_/_Baluchitherium_, a titanothere, a
>calichothere and a big contemporary creodont or robust carnivoran, and
>something I can't place (maybe some big Paleocene clunker?).  _Basilosaurus_
>is also featured in text descriptions, but not seen on the cover.

Basilosaurus?  Really?  That's great!  I'm very anxious to see how they depict 
the lifestyle of early whales...and how they discuss whale evolution (if they 
do at all).  I've also seen a few pictures, which look really interesting.  

When is this going to air in the USA?


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