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Re: Would the Real Dromaeosaur please walk thru the door?

>Ratites aren't smart, either, despite varied diet, so perhaps my
>generalization has a problem, but I think it holds for the most part --
>do ratites vary their feeding *environment* much?

Point taken. Ratites will vary their diet slightly in the wild, I would assume, 
in accordance with environmental changes. But they are pathetically high-
maintanence in captivity, and their diets have to be so strict and unchangeable 
because the big birds can't handle stress very well. Their feathers fall out 
they become panic-stricken. And that is far from a generalization. My concern 
the previous statements was that you appeared to be lumping even high-metabolic 
animals like the big cats together in your idea of carnivores being 
Cats are among the most intelligent hunters on earth. But even birds are 
than most people give them credit, outside of ornithology. My only problem was 
with any type of statement demeaning carnivore intelligence. Sure, Velociraptor 
probably wasn't able to pick a lock. But organized hunting tactics, I believe 
a fundamental asset, as is with most group hunters.

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