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Re: On naming taxa

Don't bacteriologists already have registration? And does anyone know how
they get along with it?
Registration has an advantage that hasn't been mentioned so far on this
list: one can't unintentionally create binomials. Cases like Scrotum
humanum, which looks like a binomial and must be treated as one, even though
it wasn't intended as one, are impossible when naming a taxon requires
citing the registry number. OK, Scrotum humanum is a 250-year-old example
which wouldn't occur today, but registry would still spare us of many nomina

Above all, I can't find anything in the PhyloCode (www.ohiou.edu/phylocode)
that says that someone will decide whether a name will be registered or not.
Whoever sits there will warn people if they send in a preoccupied name or
definition, but not in other cases. *Jenghizkhan* would be registered.