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Subject: Re: Condylarths (TINGAMARRA REVISITED)

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> david.marjanovic@gmx.at writes:
> << Ah, the famous Bug Creek... I see. Thanks! :-) So this confirms that
> is no crown-group placental known from the Cretaceous >>
> To coin a phrase, I wouldn't exactly "take that to the bank". Isn't
> there always a possibility of rework from the Hell Creek in Bug Creek
> samples?

Probably, but then we'd expect to see the fossils also in situ in the Hell
Creek. In contrast, there are Bug Creek channel deposits surrounded by Hell
Creek that were thought to belong to the latter. You remember *Purgatorius*,
the alleged Hell Creek plesiadapiform near-primate? It is common in the
Paleocene, but just one tooth has been sieved from the Hell Creek -- in a
sieve that was used before to screen Paleocene sediments.

> Or does confidence now vary from site to site?

Well, I don't know.