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News coverage of "Hatcher", the Smithsonian _Triceratops_

Ralph Chapman posing with Hatcher:


I was there for the unveiling of "Hatcher", as the Smithsonian's mount of
_Triceratops_ has been named.  A black tie affair: Cathy Forster suggested
that we should start doing SVP presentations in formal dress (to which I
added that Plenary Session speakers would probably have to wear white tie
and tails...).

Many paleo folks were present: Chapman, Linda Deck (the main force behind
the exhibit design), Dave Norman, Peter Dodson, Cathy Forster, Jim Clark,
Dave Weishampel, me, Hans Larsson, preparators Peter Kroeler and Steve Jabo
(and Steve's fiancee, and U Md Geology grad student, Allegra Small),
dinoartists Bruce Mohn, Tess Kissinger, and Bob Walters, and various
representatives of the Paleobiology Department.  Unfortunately Mike
Brett-Surman and his wife weren't there, although both Ralph and Mike were
highlighted in the unveiling speech (as were as Dick Benson, Chair of
Paleobiology, the technical staff, and the various companies who helped with
various production aspects of the restoration).

Also present (beyond the press and the black-tie crowd) were the young man
from Laramie who won the name-the-_Triceratops_ essay and (a real treat) the
living descendants of John Bell Hatcher!!  Very cool to meet some of them.

The exhibit is a must-see (and perhaps a good model of a way to renovate a
hall: section by section).  It includes several different ceratopsians, as
well as the first pachycephalosaurs on display at the Smithsonian; it
introduces cladistics; it has an interactive video featuring the various
aspects of the restoration (and narrated by the various participants: a nice

On a minor note, I was glad to see copies of "The Little Giant Book of
Dinosaurs" for sale in the Tricera-store! :-) Within the week, copies of the
"Jurassic Park Institute Field Guide to Dinosaurs" (illustrated by Walters
and written by Brett-Surman and some theropod guy in College Park) will
probably be showing up there, too...

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