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Re: Inostransevia

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Patrick Mellor wrote:
> Does anyone know when and where the type of *Inostransevia alexandri* was 
> found, and whether any more specimens have been found since, also, where 
> exactly does it fit in the therapsid cladogram, I think it is a 
> dinocephalian. Does anyone have any comments on the likelihood of endothermy 
> in late Permian therapsids, specifically dinocephalians and gorgonopsids?

_Inostrancevia alexandri_ is an undoubted gorgonopsian and a member of the
Inostranceviinae. Its closest relative is _Pravoslavlevia_, if indeed
that genus is not synonymous with it. It is difficult to say where it
belongs specifically in the gorgonopsian phylogeny, because the
gorgonopsians are notorious for being a taxonomic morass, and as yet no
one has done a complete analysis of taxa within the group. Inostrancevia
is from the North Dvina faunal assemblage (Late Permian, Tatarian), and
the type was found at the Sokolki locality along the North Dvina river in
the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. It was first described in 1922 by
Amalitzky (or Amalitskii, as it is more properly spelled outside the
scientific literature). Several other specimens have been found since the
type, and several species of Inostrancevia are known, although their
validity is questionable (some of these species have been given their own
genus, e.g Pravoslavlevia for I. parva and Amalitzkia, which has since
been brought back into Inostrancevia). As far as endothermy is concerned,
I think it is likely in gorgonopsians at least, but that's just my
opinion. Hope this helps with your questions.

Christian Kammerer