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RE: Late K volcanism (was RE: causes of K-T ferns)

My innate cynicism seems to be in overdrive these days.

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>That being said, it is becoming a bit annoying that there is evidence
associating impacts and big flood basalt events in the Permo-Triassic, the
Triassic-Jurassic, and the K-T boundaries.  (Anyone know of any good
evidence for impacts associated with the Columbia Flood Basalts or the Snake
River extrusives?).<

As I have suggested before in different contexts, one can conjure up
evidence for nearly any proposition one wishes to defend.  Just study the
records of certain court proceedings, if you are not convinced of that.  I
think that if there were indications of vast outpourings of flood basalts in
the Middle Cambrian, somebody would claim to have evidence for an impact at
the same time.  

But I haven't started on the Columbia or Snake River extrusives yet.