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RE: Sue mount at Field Museum

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<< All these points considered, I think Sue should have been given a more
upright stance.  Comments, anyone? >>

      I understood that the pose was one of the animal rising from a feeding

posture on being disturbed. It is "caught" before becoming fully erect. The 
damn thing was put together only a couple of miles from where I live. They 
kept it a pretty good secret! DV<

OK, but Sue could not have bent down at the knees the way it is posed,
because the knees still are jammed into the rib cage in an impossible
position.  It would have been easier on nearly all muscles, bones, and
joints for it to be standing with more or less straight legs, and simply
tilt over at the hips in teeter-totter fashion.

How many predatory birds sit down on their haunches for feeding?

I don't want to be overly picky here, but one might as well have depicted
Abraham Lincoln getting up from the table for the statue in the Lincoln
Memorial.  I mean, maybe that story is out there about what Sue was supposed
to be doing in the Field Museum mount (I didn't look over that laminated
info page they give out), but I missed that part of it.

I don't have photos of all the T. rex mounts in the world at my disposal,
but I seem to remember the one in Drumheller having such a very upright,
rather stiff-legged, posture that I think is better for T. rex.  I guess
fashions change, but maybe it is time for this pendulum to swing back to the
more reasonable mounts of a decade or two ago.

Norm King