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Re: Tyrannosaurus and...

Christopher Pearsoll wrote:
  I have a question concerning Tyrannosaurus, and while I'm sure
  I'm beating the second or third largest dead horse on the DML,
  (BAND or ABSURD anyone?) I would like some clarification.  Are
  there one, two or three species of Tyrannosaurus, or are T.
  bataar and T. luanchensis (and any others I might have missed)
  suppposed to be distinct genera as well as species.  I have seen
  this arguement rage back and forth and I was curious as to the
  current whereabouts of the most recent concensus on this
  matter.  Thanks in advance for any answers received on this

Well, I'm certainly no expert on this issue, but I do still recognize 
Tarbosaurus myself (I keep the genus on my website).  If I recall correctly, 
Mike Keesey does not have Tarbosaurus as a distinct genera on the Dinosauricon. 
 I could be wrong, though.  Also, a few of the speakers at the Armour Symposium 
recognized Tarbosaurus, which means this issue is a long way from being dead.

As far as I know, also, there are only three valid Tyrannosaurus/Tarbosaurus 
species right now, T. rex, T. bataar, and T. efremovi, with the final two 
possibly belonging to Tarbosaurus if it is indeed valid.  

Also, I don't think that T. luanchuanensis is valid at all.  It was referred to 
T. bataar, right??


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