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Re: Tyrannosaurus and...

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Steve  Brusatte wrote:

> Christopher Pearsoll wrote:
>   I have a question concerning Tyrannosaurus, and while I'm sure
>   I'm beating the second or third largest dead horse on the DML,
>   (BAND or ABSURD anyone?) I would like some clarification.  Are
>   there one, two or three species of Tyrannosaurus, or are T.
>   bataar and T. luanchensis (and any others I might have missed)

_T. luanchuanensis_ is a _nomen dubium_ based on a single tooth. It's
likely the same as either _T. bataar_ or _T. efremovi_ (which may be the
same things themselves!). Same deal for _T. lanpingensis_.

>   suppposed to be distinct genera as well as species.  I have seen
>   this arguement rage back and forth and I was curious as to the
>   current whereabouts of the most recent concensus on this
>   matter.  Thanks in advance for any answers received on this
>   issue.
> Well, I'm certainly no expert on this issue, but I do still recognize
> Tarbosaurus myself (I keep the genus on my website).  If I recall
> correctly, Mike Keesey does not have Tarbosaurus as a distinct genera
> on the Dinosauricon.  I could be wrong, though.  Also, a few of the
> speakers at the Armour Symposium recognized Tarbosaurus, which means
> this issue is a long way from being dead.

I will probably "resurrect" _Tarbosaurus_ (with members _T. bataar_ and
_T. efremovi_ -- _T. novojilovi_ is probably a juvenile of one of these,
it seems) on the Dinosauricon when I have time.

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