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Re: CORRECTION Tiny Jurassic mammal

There was a fossil mammal, Batodenoides, reported in October 1998 that was
estimated at 1.3 grams. The fossil was found in a tree stump, and estimated
to be 20 million years old. As for the smallest modern mammal, Savi's pigmy
shrew is a serious contender with specimens as small as 1.2 grams having
been recorded, although the mean size is larger than this.


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Subject: CORRECTION Tiny Jurassic mammal

> New Scientist has a story on its web site (www.newscientist.com) on a
> tiny fossil from 195 million years ago, desribed in tomorrow's
> Science, which may be an ancestral mammal, and was certainly close to
> the main line of mammalian evolution. Its skull measured just 13
> MILLIMETERS (not centimeters), and its weight was estimated at 2
> grams -- smaller than the modern 2.5 gram least shrew.
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