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RE: Inostransevia

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\uc1\pard\plain\deftab360 \f0\fs20\cf0 Don't know much but I definitely read somewhere that *Inostrancevia* is Gorgonopsid ( may be in Czerkases' "Dinosaurs : a global view" )\par
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Subject: Inostransevia\par
Does anyone know when and where the type of *Inostransevia alexandri* was \par
found, and whether any more specimens have been found since, also, where \par
exactly does it fit in the therapsid cladogram, I think it is a \par
dinocephalian. Does anyone have any comments on the likelihood of endothermy \par
in late Permian therapsids, specifically dinocephalians and gorgonopsids?\par
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