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Re: Correction and tyrannosaurs

In a message dated 5/25/01 10:14:37 AM EST, rob_redwing@hotmail.com writes:

<< As for _Tyrannosaurus_, _Tarbosaurus_, what have you, I have heard say 
 _Tarbosaurus bataar_ is probably _Tyrannosaurus bataar_, but _Tarbosaurus 
 efemorovi_ is valid. Something to chew on, at any rate. >>

That's the way Maleev originally had it in 1955. Things do go in cycles, 
don't they. But I think Maleev was hampered by the lack of a published 
diagnosis for Tyrannosaurus, and he seems to have classified the species 
Tarbosaurus bataar in Tyrannosaurus because it was a tyrannosaurid and it was 

Here is the complete listing for Tarbosaurus as I have it in MM #3 
(forthcoming second printing; sans typographics). Remember that by my 
convention, a synonymized nomen dubium is a >probable< synonymy, not a 
demonstrable synonymy; that's what the "nomen dubium" is all about:

Tarbosaurus Maleev, 1955
    = Abertosaurus Luo, Zhang & Li, 1983 [sic, for Albertosaurus]
    = Alectosaurus Young, 1958 [sic, for Alectrosaurus]
    = Chingkankonsaurus Romer, 1966 [sic]
    = Chingkankouensis Young, 1958 [sic]
    = Chingkankousarurus Young, 1958 [sic]
    = Chingkankousaurus Young, 1958
    = Chingkonkousaurus Dong, 1973 [sic]
    = Chinkankousaurus Rozhdestvensky, 1977 [sic]
    = "Futabasaurus" Lambert, 1990 [nomen nudum; a large "carnosaur" to be 
described from Japan; noted as an indeterminate tyrannosaurid in The Age of 
Dinosaurs in Japan and China (Dong, Hasegawa & Azuma, 1990); probably = 
    = Jenghizkhan Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & Yamamoto, 1995
    = Maleevosaurus Pickering, 1984 vide Pickering, 1995 [nomen nudum]
    = Maleevosaurus Carpenter, 1992 [juv.]
    = Shanshanosaurus Dong, 1977 [juv.]
    = Tarbasaurus Maleev, 1955 [sic]
    = Tarbosaurs Kielan-Jaworowska & Barsbold, 1972 [sic]
    = Tarbsaurus Zhang & Li, 1997 [sic]
    ?T. periculosus (Riabinin, 1930) Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & 
Yamamoto, 1995 [nomen dubium]
        = Albertosaurus periculosus Riabinin, 1930 [nomen dubium]
        = Alectrosaurus periculosus (Riabinin, 1930) emend. Olshevsky, 1991 
[nomen dubium]
        = Alectosaurus periculosus (Riabinin, 1930) Young, 1958 [sic; nomen 
        = Deinodon periculosus (Riabinin, 1930) Kuhn, 1965 [nomen dubium]
    T. bataar (Maleev, 1955) Rozhdestvensky, 1965
        = Tyrannosaurus bataar Maleev, 1955
        = Tyrannosaurus (Tyrannosaurus) bataar (Maleev, 1955) Paul, 1988
        = Jenghizkhan bataar (Maleev, 1955) Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & 
Yamamoto, 1995â
        = Gorgosaurus lancinator Maleev, 1955 [juv.]
        = Aublysodon lancinator (Maleev, 1955) Charig, 1967 [juv.]
        = Deinodon lancinator (Maleev, 1955) Kuhn, 1965 [juv.]
        = Tyrannosaurus (Tarbosaurus) baatar Larson, 1994 [sic]
    T. efremovi Maleev, 1955â
        = Tyrannosaurus efremovi (Maleev, 1955) Rozhdestvensky, 1977
        = Chingkankousaurus fragilis Young, 1958â
        = Chingkankouensis fragilis Young, 1958 [sic]
        = Gorgosaurus novojilovi Maleev, 1955 [juv.]
        = Albertosaurus novojilovi (Maleev, 1955) Mader & Bradley, 1989 [juv.]
        = Aublysodon novojilovi (Maleev, 1955) Charig, 1967 [juv.]
        = Deinodon novojilovi (Maleev, 1955) Maleev, 1964 [juv.]
        = Maleevosaurus novojilovi (Maleev, 1955) Carpenter, 1992â [juv.]
        = Tarbosaurus novojilovi (Maleev, 1955) Olshevsky, 1978 [juv.]
        = Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Dong, 1977â [juv.]
        = Aublysodon huoyanshanensis (Dong, 1977) Paul, 1988 [juv.]
        = Chinkankousaurus fragilis Zhao, 1980 [sic]
    ?T. lanpingensis (Yeh, 1975) emend. Olshevsky, 1991[nomen nudum]
        = Tarbosaurus lanpinensis (Yeh, 1975) Azuma, 1991 [sic; nomen nudum]Â
        = Tyrannosaurus lanpingensis Yeh, 1975 [nomen nudum]
        = Tyrannosaurus lanpingi Zhao, 1986 [sic; nomen nudum]
    ?T. turpanensis (Zhai, Zheng & Tong, 1978) Olshevsky, 1991 [nomen dubium]
        = Tyrannosaurus turpanensis Zhai, Zheng & Tong, 1978 [nomen dubium]
    ?T. luanchuanensis (Dong, 1979) Olshevsky, 1991 [nomen dubium]
        = Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis Dong, 1979 [nomen dubium]
        = Jenghizkhan luanchuanensis (Dong, 1979) Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, 
Ford & Yamamoto, 1995 [nomen dubium]
NOTE: Tarbosaurus lanpingensis may be from the Upper Jurassic of China and 
thus hardly referable to either Tarbosaurus or Tyrannosaurus (Yeh, 1975; R. 
E. Molnar, pers. comm.), but it has not yet been described. Tyrannosaurid 
teeth and other fragmentary tyrannosaurine specimens from the Upper 
Cretaceous of Asia are best referred to the Asian genus Tarbosaurus instead 
of to North American genera, at least until the presence of North American 
genera is unequivocally documented in Asia from skeletal remains, not just 
teeth. Several Chinese theropod taxa are included here as probable synonyms 
of Tarbosaurus because they are apparently based on juvenile or subadult 
tyrannosaurid material.