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The Sue mount

Posted for Chris Brochu, who is not currently subscribed to the list.


>OK, but Sue could not have bent down at the knees the
>way it is posed, because the knees still are jammed 
>into the rib cage in an impossible position.  It would
>have been easier on nearly all muscles, bones, and
>joints for it to be standing with more or less
>straight legs, and simply tilt over at the hips in 
>teeter-totter fashion.

The reason the knees are jammed into the ribcage as you noticed was because the 
ribs themselves are distorted.  Ditto for the vertebral column - the transverse 
processes (and, hence, the articulations for the rib tubercula) are rotated to 
the left somewhat.  As a result, there was no way to make the trunk as svelte 
as it would have been in a live T. rex without physically rebreaking the ribs.  
In life, the knees would not have been in such proximity to the ribcage.

The mount  was designed (and finalized) based on an undistorted ribcage.


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