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RE: New Book

Sorry to disappoint you Ray, but all the photos are in black and white.
There are just two photos (photomicrographs?) of the skin, one of the skull,
and one of the skull and some limb bones.   Detail on the skin looks pretty
good, but the skeletal remains are a bit hard to make out.   There are also
many very nice line drawings.   The photographs of these fossils in the
Nature article (Nature, Vol 396, 19 Nov, 1998, pages 258-261), are much

Hope this helps,

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> Bruce Mortensen wrote:
>    >Just in case you have not noticed, Chiappe and Dingus have an
> enjoyable
> new book out, titled "Walking on Eggs" subtitled "the astonishing
> discovery
> of thousands of dinosaur eggs in the badlands of Patagonia".   It is a
> popular account of their discoveries in Argentina.   Some really amazing
> materials were found, including the first fossils of sauropod embryos,
> some
> so complete that the skull and even skin was preserved!..<
>     Now, I would appreciate it if anyone will tell me whether the book has
> good, reasonably large-scale, high quality color photographic images of
> the
> skin (details and texture) of the fossilized embryonic sauropods?
>     Thanks in advance to anyone or everyone.
>     Ray Stanford