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Hi all!

Hi, I'm a new subscriber to the list. I've been reading the archives for the past few weeks and I've finally decided to subscribe, I must say that it is extremely cool to see professional paleontolgists interacting with amature paleontologists and laymen!

For my first post i'd like to address the new Smithsonian Triceratops mount. Is it just me, or does any one else think it looks weird? I have not seen any pictures of the actual mount or if it looks anything like the cgi image floating around the web, and can be found at the following address:


If in fact it does, then the spine does not seam to have enough curvature, the scapula is to horizontal, the layout of the ribs is totally wrong and the forelimbs do not appear to be baring any weight.

If one compares the cgi image with Greig Paul's skeletal restoration,IMHO the best Triceratops restoration ever!, one can clearly see the fallacies of the cgi model.

You can find the Greig Paul restoration at the following address:


Use "Guest Access" at the red login screen.

As I'v said, I haven't seen the actual mount and so i don't know whether it actually looks like the cgi model.

I would appreciate correspondence on this issue, both positive and negative.


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