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Re: On naming taxa

In a message dated 5/25/01 11:01:06 PM EST, qilongia@yahoo.com writes:

<< I believe the ICZN requires that a differential diagnosis be
 provided upon wide-distribution of a publication describing a
 taxon which can be readily provided by the publisher; the first
 part is readily relevant, as the type is an endocast: how does
 this endocast of a long-bone (tibia?) differ from other taxa? It
 could very well be *Iguanodon*.... >>

This I did by reference to Fritsch's 1905 pubication, in which he explains 
that Louis Dollo removed the specimen from the genus Iguanodon. If it is a 
tibial endocast, it's more likely from a large theropod, since they sport 
hollower tibias than Iguanodon.