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Re: fine artwork...praise!!!

On Fri, 25 May 2001 13:52:55 -0400 "Jordan Mallon" <j_mallon@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>From: "aspidel" <aspidel@infonie.be>
>>For two very good images (incl. _Massospondylus_), see
>>          http://www.aip.de./~gallery/miscellaneous/
>Indeed, that's the breathtaking work of Ely Kish; more prints of which can 
>be found at the Canadian Museum of Nature here in Ottawa.  Her work is 
>wonderful, and you can see even more of it at her website:
>I especially love the feel she gives to her paintings- like the warm glow of 
>her 'Jurassic Mural' or the refreshing rainfall of her 'Pachycephalosaurus' 
>piece.  That's paleoart at some of its best, there! :)
I have nothing but praise for Kish's work! Good use of color. And I also 
Jordan Mallon on his well-orchestrated website, and his anatomically-exquisite 
drawings! Long live true talent. 

Erik Omtvedt

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