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Triceratops skeleton re-evaluation

On the issue of the Smithsonian Tric mount, even though I don't agree with the 
cgi, I don't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers. Hope I wasn't too abrassive, and 
apologize if so. I do have a lot of issue with the fact that Smithsonian spent 
much time on the cgi, but used such poor conceptual ideas for building it. I've 
worked with similar modeling software, and I know short cuts when I see them. 
They may have wanted to get something online in a hurry. And that could attest 
the ribs being all the same (exactly the same), and the sloppy walking mode. 
There is no curve to the spine, and the structure of the back verts look 
to bovine-like, with the pelvis high in the air. I know this is a trial, but I 
don't see this as any kind of improvement on prior reconstructions. Thoughts?

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