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    Can you believe?  A single beautiful hard-cover volume, excellently
bound in signatures (instead of by methods that come apart at slightest
provocation), containing both Dr. David Norman's classic, The Illustrated
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, and Dr. Peter Wellnhofer's The Illustrated
Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Flying Reptiles, for only $12.99 (U.S. funds)!

    Published in the year 2,000 by Salamander Books, London, the book has
all of great text and those magnificent photos and illustrations of the
original two separate volumes, although only Dr. Norman's book title appears
on the cover, as though pterosaurs were dinosaurs!  -- For that price, I
wouldn't mind if they called it the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Elephants!

    I came across a stack of these $12.99 treasures (and bought three
copies) in the near-the-cash-register special sale section ('remainders'
book section) at a Borders Books store in Texas, during my recent visit
there.  Hopefully, they may also be available at Borders Books around the
country, so inquire locally, if interested.  I looked for the same book at
the large, nearby Barnes and Noble book store, but did not find it there.

    In short, if you are looking for either Dr. Norman's dinosaur classic,
or for that must-have and incomparable pterosaur volume by Dr. Wellnhofer,
you may find them as a single, beautiful hard-bound book at Borders for less
than the cost of either of the original volumes.  But a warning:  You may
feel as a thief carrying off such a treasure for THAT incomparable price.

    Good luck at finding it locally.

    Ray Stanford