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_T. shirt_

Loyal Dinolisters,

The lack of discussion about the DML t-shirts does not mean that the idea has 
been abandoned.  (A thank you to Waylon Rowley for his initial most-excellent 
idea.)  Dino List Central has been in preliminary negotiations with 
PaleoArtisans on producing the shirts and fulfilling the orders, so that 
would eliminate some of the hassles we identified.  

What we do need to know is how many people will actually order (and pay for) 
the shirts.  Right now, it seems that we should be able to offer a quality 
DML t-shirt for less than $10 US, including a contribution to a 
paleontological cause and domestic shipping.  Shipping to other countries 
would be somewhat more, so we would also need to know how many shirts would 
be ordered by DML subscribers outside the U.S.  

Additionally, we want subscribers to be thinking of logo designs to submit, 
since the winning entry will be awarded a monetary prize.  The design should 
reflect the spirit and purpose of the dinosaur list (an Internet list devoted 
to the scientific discussion of dinosaurs), but should also be simple enough 
to transfer well onto a t-shirt.  Overly busy, detailed, multicolored designs 
may not work as well as a less elaborate drawing/logo.  We would probably 
want to limit the color scheme to one or two colors, and the overall design 
should look attractive on a white or light colored t-shirt.  We may also have 
a url printed on the shirt.    More suggestions on guidelines are welcome

Subscribers who are fairly certain that they would order a DML t-shirt are 
asked to write to me at mkirkaldy@aol.com, stating 1) how many t-shirts they 
would want, 2) what size(s), and 3) the country in which they reside.  This 
would give us a better idea of the quantities with which we are dealing and 
help with the pricing structure. This is non-binding of course, and the 
individual ordering process would take place through the company which is 
awarded the contract.

The DML will not be profiting from this venture, but we do hope that we can 
do some paleo good along with offering stylish attire.