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Chinese dinosaur website

From: Ben Creisler
Chinese dinosaur website

For the curious who are also patient, check out the 
DinosaurClass.com website:

OK, OK--virtually the entire site is in Chinese and you 
may need to download the characters. However, it includes 
some interesting topics, including a list of recently 
discovered Japanese dinosaur fossils, 
with a photo of part of a nodosaur skull recently found on 

 Beware a few garbled names though--Dsungaripterus somehow 
turned into Seungaipterus. There are a few taxa mentioned 
that I had not heard of and some fun (if sometimes dated) 
paintings and restorations. I will need to spend time 
translating various texts, but it appears to include 
regular news updates about discoveries in China. The 
latest one is about dinosaur