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Re: Oldest Dinosaur Discovery

The pelvic girdle looks surprizingly advanced on this
guy. The morpholoy is vaguely reminiscent of Ingenia
or Compsognathus. Too bad we don't have a better pic.
Anyway, it doesn't look much like Herrerasaurus or
Staurikosaurus to me. I bet this guy has 3 or more
sacrals. The pubic boot seems to be anteroposteriorly
expanded, but it's difficult to be certain due to the
oblique angle of the shot. The ischium also appears to
be relaively small compared to the pubis with a well-
developed triangular obturator process. And unlike
Herrerasaurus, it lacks a "pubic apron." I'm assuming
that the animal's distal femoral condyles are not
shifted posteriorly because of the almost
straight-knee posture. The hindlimb proportions are
closer to ceratosaurs or Marasuchus (with important
differences) than herrerasaurs - obviously a cursorial
creature. Other characteristics look more primitive to
me...such as the cervical vertebrae (do I see 7 or
8?...aaargh) and small neural spines. I can't see the
scapulocoracoid well enough to comment on it, but the
manus looks like it has 3 digits (maybe the 4th is
closely applied to the 3rd?) of course it's just my
luck that I have no pics of Herrerasaur forearms (and
too lazy to go see if there are any in existence).
Can't wait to see what the professionals come up with
in regards to this dino...no doubt it should be
interesting. Maybe someone can point out some details
I may have missed?

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employers: Will
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