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Re: CORRECTION Tiny Jurassic mammal

> Ken Kinman wrote:
> > Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me if there were
> > even smaller mammals in the humid tropics of the Mesozoic.
> There are some pretty small monotreme teeth known from south eastern
> living in "polar" conditions during the EC. The Teinolophos trusleri tooth
> closely resembles that of Steropodon galmani, although it is only 22% the
> Monotremes are supposed to have lower metabolic rates than placentals in
> general, and here was a tiny species living within the polar circle.

While *Teinolophos* was apparently an australosphenidan (like *Ambondro*,
*Ausktribosphenos*, the monotremes and probably the gondwanatheres), it
wasn't necessarily a monotreme. The low metabolic rates (body temperature of
30 °C and such) are supposed to be a secondary energy-saving adaptation,
AFAIK, so maybe *Teinolophos* had higher ones.
        Anyway, *Teinolophos* must have laid tiny eggs...