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Re: Oldest Dinosaur Discovery

Hello Waylon,

I think the picture isn't from the newly discovered dinosaur buth from a
dinosaur discovered last year.

see the text:
The area is a treasure trove for dinosaur fossils - last year
palaeontologists found another of the oldest dinosaurs yet discovered, a
direct ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

This could be Santanaraptor

J. Arts

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> The pelvic girdle looks surprizingly advanced on this
> guy. The morpholoy is vaguely reminiscent of Ingenia
> or Compsognathus. Too bad we don't have a better pic.
> Anyway, it doesn't look much like Herrerasaurus or
> Staurikosaurus to me. I bet this guy has 3 or more
> sacrals. The pubic boot seems to be anteroposteriorly
> expanded, but it's difficult to be certain due to the
> oblique angle of the shot. The ischium also appears to
> be relaively small compared to the pubis with a well-
> developed triangular obturator process. And unlike
> Herrerasaurus, it lacks a "pubic apron." I'm assuming
> that the animal's distal femoral condyles are not
> shifted posteriorly because of the almost
> straight-knee posture. The hindlimb proportions are
> closer to ceratosaurs or Marasuchus (with important
> differences) than herrerasaurs - obviously a cursorial
> creature. Other characteristics look more primitive to
> me...such as the cervical vertebrae (do I see 7 or
> 8?...aaargh) and small neural spines. I can't see the
> scapulocoracoid well enough to comment on it, but the
> manus looks like it has 3 digits (maybe the 4th is
> closely applied to the 3rd?) of course it's just my
> luck that I have no pics of Herrerasaur forearms (and
> too lazy to go see if there are any in existence).
> Can't wait to see what the professionals come up with
> in regards to this dino...no doubt it should be
> interesting. Maybe someone can point out some details
> I may have missed?
> To all potential paleontologist (or otherwise)
> employers: Will
> dig/prepare/diagnose/catalogue/illustrate/sweep/mop/dus-t/haul
> equipment for food (cardboard box optional)
> -Waylon
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