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Oldest Dinosaur Discovered (translation)...

    Here goes the Translation:
    "Fossils of Rio Grande do Sul may be the oldest ever found in the world
    Bones of three animals with more than 235 millions of years old have been found in Dona Francisca
    Animal Fossils found in a paleontological site of Dona Francisca's city, in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul, may be the oldest dinosaur remains of the world. The remains of three animals were shown this wednesday by a group of researchers of the Zoobotanical Foundation of Rio Grande do Sul coordinated by the paleontologist Jorge Ferigolo. In two ocasions, were collected in the site two maxillaries, a fragment of a mandible, two skulls and part of a third one, a column's fragment and another from a limb. The material belongs to at least three individuals of the same species. The question is now to deffine it.
    For the specialists (researchers), there are two possibilities: or the pieces belong to a dinosaur with primitive characteristics, or to a thecodont (precursor of the dinosaurs) with evolved characteristics. Even with the uncertainity, it's already known that the animals lived in the Dona Francisca's region in the Medium Triassic period, between 235 and 240 millions of years ago. If these bones belong to a primitive dinosaur, with characteristics ever found in any other paleontological finds, the Rio Grande do Sul's fossils will be the oldest ever collected in the world and a valuable font to show the evolution of these animals. To diminish the doubt and deffine the fossils' species, will be needed a deep study of the skeletons shape, what means many months of work. After, there will be at least two years of investigation until the first conclusions be published.
                                                    Francini Ledur"
There's a bigger picture at:   http://www.clicrbs.com.br/rbs/image/103315.jpg
        Marcel Bertolucci
"Dinosaurs are the most interesting and amazing mystery of nature!"