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Re: News coverage of "Hatcher", the Smithsonian _Triceratops_

What? How did I miss this?

>  I was there for the unveiling of "Hatcher", as the Smithsonian's mount of
>  _Triceratops_ has been named.  A black tie affair: Cathy Forster suggested
>  that we should start doing SVP presentations in formal dress (to which I
>  added that Plenary Session speakers would probably have to wear white tie
>  and tails...).
>  and
Don't own a tux but I do have a nice black suit and I do have Arundel 
neoceratopsian teeth ;-)

>  Many paleo folks were present: <snip>

Except moi! That sucks too. John Bell Hatcher is sort of an idol of mine. He 
singlehandedly (under the direction of O.C. Marsh) recovered most of the 
Arundel dinos (quantitatively and qualitatively) we have, all in the late 
19th century!. A.B. Bibbins was next (aalso in the 19th) and yours truly is 
not far behind.  It would have been a great opportunity to make a  somewhat 
familial connection with his 21st century descendants!

The Washington Times Newspaper had a blurb about it today along with a small 
picture of Ralph and "him"!

Congrats Ralph!


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies