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Ode to the fallen

I know I risk admonishment for going off topic but in the spirit of Memorial 
Day here in the US, I feel it apropos to say a word of thanks to all those 
who fought suffered and died for my country and for all honorable soldiers 
everywhere in every country for that matter. While we sit around stuffing our 
faces with fatty foods at cookouts and barbecues and imbibing heavily in our 
favorite beverage, remember, show that you remember (hence the key word 
Memorial) by raising a glass in their honor and to their memory. Also 
remember that some are still living among us, the learned professor, the wise 
old sage and the Emeriti among us in the paleo community also served in many 
of our conflicts, as did the late Nick Hotton who served in the Pacific 
during W.W.II before going on to be on of America's preeminent scholars!
I have not forgotten!

Ode to the Fallen

>From the field at Lexington Green to the Alamo and Chapultapec
to bloody Antietam and Gettysburg
I was there...
>From San Juan Hill to disease-ridden trenches of the Marne, to Flanders and 
Cambria, I was there.
At Point du Hoc and the murderous shores of Utah, Omaha, Juno and Sword
I was there...
I fell in the Ardenne Forest and held at the Bulge and marched at Bataan,
then onto Okinawa and thence to Inchon, Chosin and Khe San.
And in a cacophony of other battles, other wars,
I was there. 
I will always be there, for I never left the field.
Or having returned, part of me still remains.
In answering my country's call in combat I did fall
And like those brave souls that have fallen before me
from many wars through the travail of ages
I now take my place among these, my brethren, 
As tribute to Ares,
on the Eternal Pantheon of the Honored Dead!

Thank You Vets!
God Bless!


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies