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Re: Ode to the fallen

Tompaleo@aol.com wrote:

> I know I risk admonishment for going off topic but in the spirit of Memorial
> Day here in the US, I feel it apropos to say a word of thanks to all those
> who fought suffered and died for my country and for all honorable soldiers
> everywhere in every country for that matter. While we sit around stuffing our
> faces with fatty foods at cookouts and barbecues and imbibing heavily in our
> favorite beverage, remember, show that you remember (hence the key word
> Memorial) by raising a glass in their honor and to their memory. Also
> remember that some are still living among us, the learned professor, the wise
> old sage and the Emeriti among us in the paleo community also served in many
> of our conflicts, as did the late Nick Hotton who served in the Pacific
> during W.W.II before going on to be on of America's preeminent scholars!
> I have not forgotten!

Hey, Tom.  Thanks. Whether you get admonished for it or not, I for one
appreciate the sentiment, especially recalling that you spent some time in BDUs
yourself.  You are part of the same fraternity.


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