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Re: Ode to the fallen

Please forgive me, people :-) . I have low social intelligence* and have
probably stated the following quite a lot more offensive than it is

*Seems like I have Asperger's syndrome, like apparently lots of (especially
male) scientists -- Liz Else: Opinion Interview. In a different world, New
Scientist 14 April 2001, p. 42 -- 45

Also at the risk of getting admonished, and with all due respect for HP
Thomas R. Lipka, whose contributions to science are well known, I'd like to
add something to:

> [...] but in the spirit of Memorial Day here in the US,
> I feel it apropos to say a word of thanks [...]

Does apropos have another meaning in English than elsewhere? (Can't find it
in my English dictionary.) In the French original, à propos means "by the
way", not "appropriate"...

> to all those
> who fought suffered and died for my country and for all honorable soldiers
> everywhere in every country for that matter.

Might produce some contradictions...

BTW, by far most soldiers have successfully been told not to think, so they
simply do what others tell them is their duty, not what they _think_
promotes freedom etc.. Perfect if the generals etc. have good & honorable
motives, ultimate disaster if this is not so. (Experience of the latter is
the main reason why especially many Europeans are heavily biased against

> Ode to the Fallen
> >>[...] Lexington Green [...] the Alamo [...] Chapultapec
> [...] Antietam [...] Gettysburg
> >>[...] San Juan Hill [...] Marne [...] Flanders [...] Cambria
> [...] Point du Hoc [...] Utah, Omaha, Juno and Sword
> [...] Ardenne [...] the Bulge [...] Bataan,
> [...] Okinawa [...] Inchon, Chosin and Khe San.
> And in a cacophony of other battles, other wars,

OK. I'll readily admit that the list comprising Vietnam (My Lai etc.), the
Pig Bay and the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is much, much shorter.

> In answering my country's call

In some few cases, I'd go so far as to call this call propaganda...

> As tribute to Ares,

Ares is the god of war by brute force. Boo hiss, IMHO.

In my personal humble opinion, I think that a memorial day for dead soldiers
should be something to grieve, not to celebrate. That the Allies have won
WWII is something to celebrate, without any doubt, but that people die is
IMHO _never_ something to celebrate, whatever the circumstances.

> Thank You Vets!

I'm just thinking whether veterinaries have done more for mankind than
veterans... :->