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coelurosaur phylogeny & classification

Dear All,
I've concluded that the basal relationships of coelurosaurs is so uncertain (and bound to remain so for a long time) that the best cladisto-eclectic approach would be to return to the recognition of a more traditional, broad "paraphyletic" Family Coeluridae (rendered semi-holophyletic with markers). Whether Coeluridae gave rise separately to Tyrannosauridae and to maniraptoriforms is also uncertain (if there is a tyrannosaurid-maniraptoriform clade, they would be combined into one outgroup and thus one marker).
In any case, here is my first stab at classifying and coding Family Coeluridae sensu lato (Note that _1_ is the only symbol which interrupts a cladistic sequence and marks the beginning of another major clade):

.....basal families omitted here
4 Allosauridae (= Carnosauria sensu stricto)
5 Coeluridae (sensu lato, i.e. more traditional)
1 Gasosaurus
2 Dryptosaurus
B Deltadromaeus
3 Proceratosaurus
? Piveteausaurus
4 Nedcolbertia
? Nqwebasaurus
B Ornitholestes
? Santanaraptor
5 {{Tyrannosauridae}} very "incertae sedis"
6 Compsognathus
B Sinosauropteryx
7 Coelurus
8 Scipionyx
9 {{Ornithomimidae to AVES}}
(= Maniraptoriformes Holtz?)
_a_ Tyrannosauridae
(sensu lato, i.e. tyrannosauroids)
_1_ Ornithomimidae
2 Therizinosauridae
B Caudipteridae
_a_ Oviraptoridae
3 Alvarezsauridae
B Avimimidae
4 Troodontidae
5 Dromaeosauridae
6 Plesion _Rahonavis_
7 {{AVES}}
I am still undecided where to place Bagaraatan (coelurid or in the maniraptoriform clade).
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