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Re: Ode to the fallen


  Memorial Day in America and American territories and
possessions is not something celebrated, in the manner of a
festival, but remembered; and by remembered, I mean there are
more than not often tears and real pain involved. The national
monument known as the National Vietnam Memorial, or the Wall of
Tears is poignant of this in that, on no other day, is it
covered with greivers, friends, comrades, who served, lost
limbs, lost family, lost life itself; and so carries with it
such a stunning concept that a person cannot celebrate a day as
powerful. I remember my dad's family who served in Vietnam and
in WWII and my great-grandfather who was there on D-Day when we
strove to free the French from Germany. My grandfather served in
Vietnam, and I am proud of him. Those of us on the list who have
had friends and family serve in the war, or lost them there,
this is a day to reflect and think, and even grieve those we

  I cannot say this sternly enough, but Memorial Day is
something beyond President's Day, perhaps with the power felt on
Remembrance Day, Bastille Day, or similer remembrances of old
friends and family.

  For those who served, [Nick Hotton, Josh Smith] thank you. For
those who I knew, and lost, thank you. I remember my
grandfather, and my great-grandfather.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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