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Re: When Dinosaurs Walked America - July 2001 TV show

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Subject: When Dinosaurs Walked America - July 2001 TV show

> We're giving y'all a sneak peek at a new feature on the upcoming
> Discovery Channel Dino Doc called
> When Dinosaurs Walked America.
> http://www.dinosaur.org/celdinos/ddocwdra.htm
> Some of our local residents were advisors to the show.
> We've included one photo that is sure to... ummm... ruffle some
> feathers?
> There'll be about five articles and quite a few more photos to follow.
> Discovery channel is holding a BIG press conference in June to announce
> the inclusion of two dinosaurs "never before seen" (one supposes that
> they mean on tv) and we promise to let you know when that happens.
> ES
    Dear List,

    I was one of five sculptors that helped with the show. I have yet to see
how they translated our work onto film. Maximo Salas did the furry raptors,
Mike Trcic sculpted Albertosaurus, allosaurus, and one other. Gary Staab did
the bone heads, and a Canadian special effects shop did over 20 half
    I worked directly with Jim Kirkland, Scott Sampson, and Doug Wolfe on
the ceratopsians, especially Zuniceratops. TMK, Triceratops and Zuni are the
only ceratopsians to make it to film. All four centrosaurians that I
sculpted didn't make final cut. If anyone knows if an official website is up
for "When Dinosaurs Roamed America", Please let me know. The Discovery folks
have been promising one for months.

Cliff Green