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Re: When Dinosaurs Walked America - July 2001 TV show

> On Mon, 28 May 2001, Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette wrote:
> > Discovery channel is holding a BIG press conference in June to announce
> > the inclusion of two dinosaurs "never before seen" (one supposes that
> > they mean on tv)
> Actually, since one of these seems to be the NA therizinosaur, it really
> would be "never before seen" by nearly everybody. Also, before anyone gets
> worked up about the other "never before seen" dino being "Canchisaurus

This one is not marked as "never before seen" (another reason to suppose
it's Anchisaurus). However, for the Upper Jurassic of Utah it says

>>7. ** Two never-before-seen species, from the Upper Jurassic Period as
well as newly discovered flora and fauna from the "Cretaceous Gap," a 30
million-year period in North American history, will be revealed at a press
announcement in June.<<

This sounds a lot like both are undescribed. The one from the "Cretaceous
Gap" may well be "Notheonychus", but the other one...