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Re: My thoughts on Longipteryx

[...] (Confuciusornithidae (Protopteryx (Jibeinia (Enantiornithes (Patagopteryx, Ornithurae)))))
[...] higher than confuciusornithids-
[...] More derived than Protopteryx
[...] Less derived than Jibeinia
[...] Less derived than Ornithothoracines
[...] the sternum is very similar to Protopteryx, almost an intermediate between it and Jibeinia.  So, I provisionally assign Longipteryx to the Pygostylia, phylogenetically intermediate between Protopteryx and Jibeinia.
Interesting. The emerging picture seems to be that the early evolution of birds was basically a Hennigian comb, took place almost exclusively in Líaoníng and is almost completely preserved there... :-o ~:-|