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RE: Trilobite: Anyone read this?

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> M Murphy
> Has anyone read "Trilobite" by R. Fortey?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?
> Its been shortlisted for the Samual Johnson award, a prestigous UK prize
> for non-fiction, knocking M. Amis's memoir "Experience" from the
> running.  I always like to see Amis lose, but is this biography of the
> "fossilized crustaceans" any good?
I have just finished reading this, and was about to recommend this book WITH
ALL POSSIBLE EMPHASIS to the list!!  It is very, very, very good.  It will
also go some way in showing that our invertebrate colleagues are also
enthusiastic about their critters, in case anyone thought otherwise.

Solid science, interesting history, tragic romance (really!), and a lot of
information about a particularly interesting bunch of scuttlers.

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