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Where did birds come from in their evolutional process?

Good afternoon all ,

    The oter day, I learned,in paleontology class,that birds have evolved
Saurischia.And our professor said,"once the carnivorous animal have evolved
into the animal which don't eat meat, they don't evolve into the carnivorous
animal again. So bird has never come from Ornithischia."But I heard that a
fossil of Ornithischia which has traces of feathers (parrot-dinosaur ?) was
found in China. Could this discovery be a counterargument against an
established theory or argue the theory like "some of Ornithischias ate
meat"? (* I don't know about the theories, sorry.)

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Now I learn about excavation.Please looking forward to my report of
challenge in Katsuyama.And thank you for everyone who gave me advices !