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RE: Spinosaur crests & sails

Yes, I'm back. I'd like to thank all those who contacted me via email and in
 Paleontology is two big for petty differences (and hopefully I won't do
something that will time me out for a long time, whether I think it was just
or unjust) :>. And maybe, just maybe I'll remember to put the << >>
delineations in my posts :>

>>I would imagine some kind of interaction between _S. tenerensis_ and
_S. imperator_.<<

Possible. Luis Rey has done an excellent painting of one such encounter.

>>About the crest, the crest is not so big on all spinosaurs, a long, low
crest (or part of it) can be seen in Taquet et Russell (1998) in their
description of _Cristatusaurus lapparenti_, I know this might be a syno0nym
to _S. tenerensis_, but that is another argument. Anyway, an articulated
premaxilla and maxilla are referred to _S. maroccanus_,  a possible junior
synonym to _Spinosaurus aegyptacus_, but indeed a spinosaurine.<<

I disagree. I've done some research on this and IMHO _S. aegyptacus_ had a
much shorter and taller skull than _S. maroccanus_.

>>I dont imagine that a Suchomimus would be able to stand or float
the body is built like any other theropod and it is built to be in land.<<

I totally agree and have argued this before.

>>Another thing to consider is that Spinosaurs do not only eat fish, they
also eat other dinosaurs (_Baryonyx walkeri_, Charig and Milner 1997).<<

For those who don't know what he is talking about, there is also _Iguanodon_
material in the gut region of _Baryonyx_.

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