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Re: Longipteryx chaoyangensis (Aves, Enantiornithes?)

> > I think some early birds lack quill nodes on the ulna - like
> Archaeopteryx. Rahonavis though has them. I think this character
> (presence/absence of quill nodes) is variable in modern birds.<
> Not exactly sure of your point, but all birds that fly have flight
> anchored to bone--that's how the lifting and thrusting forces are
> transferred to the frame of the animal.  That adaptation (the ability to
> transfer aerodynamic forces to the skeleton) >had< to appear prior to
> flight, not after it. I'm still waiting for the first report of quill
> on some small flightless feathered theropod!

May perhaps come anytime. *Archaeo-* and *Caudipteryx* are said not to have
quill knobs, but those of *Rahonavis* are so tiny that probably nobody has
yet really looked for them ones in the first two.