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Ultraraptor revisited? (Re: extinction in China)

Tim Donovan (KELL00BELL@aol.com) wrote:

So perhaps Tyrannosaurus gradually annihilated and outlasted the
Nanxiong herbivores, just as it may have done to earlier Nemegtian taxa and,
to a lesser extent, to the mid-Maastrichtian fauna of America. Etc. [snip]
How could Tyrannosaurus have outlasted its dinosaur quarry long enough
to account for the higher occurrences of Macroolithus? Perhaps one or more
other taxa nested elsewhere, and the predator subsisted to an extent on
pterosaur nests, turtles, etc.,

So, from his power base in North America, _Tyrannosaurus_ took over the world. But, the Tyrant Lizard kept on eating all his subjects, so it proved to be a brief and bloody regime. Then he subsisted on turtles and pterodactyl eggs for thousands of years. Hmmm.

How did _Tyrannosaurus_ manage to bring about the extinction of smaller theropod predators... oh, let's say _Velociraptor_? Or the giant sauropods, like _Alamosaurus_ or _Opisthocoelicaudia_? A tyrannosaur would have to be an idiot to try and bring down a fully-grown titanosaur.

Your "Omnipredatory Tyrannosaurus" theory seems oddly reminiscent of a short-lived thread ("Ultraraptor and the killer genes") which surfaced a few years ago :


(still waiting for the book "Raptors Revealed"...)



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