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Quill knobs (was Re: Longipteryx chaoyangensis)

> >>I'm still waiting for the first report of quill
> nodes on some small flightless feathered theropod!<<
> > May perhaps come anytime. *Archaeo-* and *Caudipteryx* are said not to
> have quill knobs, but those of *Rahonavis* are so tiny that probably
> has yet really looked for them [...] in the first two.>
> These were all flyers, so quill knobs should be expected.


> What I am
> anticipating is evidence of quill knobs on feathered theropods outside
> Avialae--those non-flying maniraptorans such as Protarchaeopteryx or its
> relatives.

These relatives probably include oviraptorosaurs like *Caudipteryx*, and
apparently segnosaurs...

> I anticipate such evidence will be found if selection were
> favoring an aerodynamic function for feathers prior to the evolution of
> powered flight (such as gliding or assisted leaping or manueverability,
> etc). An early innovation in feather design under those selection
> would be the anchoring of the feather shaft to bone to transfer the
> aerodynamic forces into lift and thrust. Without such an anchor, elongated
> feathers would be pretty useless aerodynamically.

Hey! This may be a test for whether wing feathers evolved for locomotion!
(Quill knobs are not required for brooding.)
Do flightless birds that have wing feathers (ostriches...) have quill knobs?