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RE: Spinosaur crests & sails

Is there any possibility that the differences between *Spinosaurus aegypticus* and *S. moroccanus* represent sexual dimorphism?<
Uh oh, someone mentioned sexual dimorphism, so of course I have to jump in. My thoughts on this, and the validity of these species:
Based on nothing more than my gut intuition, my conversations with HP Mendez, and the descriptions and illustrations I've seen, I would lean towards sexual dimorphism. Mainly, you can't claim that _Spinosaurus moroccanus_ is different than _S. aegypticus_, based on teeth, because we don't know what the full range of teeth was like in _Spinosaurus_ in the first place. Until we know the degree to which there may have been heterodonty expressed in _Spinosaurus_, we can't say that one is different than the other due to dentition differences. I do have more to say on this, but I'm about to go out into the field for today. So, if this thread is still going when I get back, you'll hear more from me ;).

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