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Spinosaur synonymy

Some list members have suggested that Cristatusaurus
lapparenti, Baryonyx walkeri, and Suchomimus
tenerensis could all be the same genus. Well, I have a
short list of apomorphies for diagnosing the latter 2.

1. Peg-in-notch scapulocoracoid union.
2. Everted postacetabular blade.
3. Strongly constricted sacral & caudal centra.
4. Fused nasals with median crest terminating in
cruciate process.
5. Solid, subrectangular lacrimal horn.
6. Very shallow fibular fossa.

1. Subnarial process nearly excludes maxilla from
external nares.
2. Broadened and heightened posterior dorsal, sacral,
and anterior caudal neural spines.
3. Hook-shaped radial ectepicondyle.
4. Large olecranon process of ulna offset from humeral
5. Hypertrophied humeral tuberosities.

These diagnostic characters seem synapomorphic, and
apply to more general levels within Baryonychinae or
Spinosauridae. However, I'd like to know the state of
characters 1, 2, 3, & 6 in Baryonyx, and 1, 3, & 4 in
Suchomimus. Do both species share these "apomorphies"?
Does anyone have a more reliable (or otherwise
different) set of apomorphies for these 3 animals?


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